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Reference: 1HC 5A

Brand: R-stick

hickory 5A

Review(s): 0

Lenght:  406 mm.Diameter:     14 mm.Aplications:  Great for every style of music.

Price Kč200.00
in stock

Reference: 1HB 5A

Brand: R-stick

hornbeam 5A

Review(s): 0

Lenght:         406 mm, 16 inch.Diameter:     14 mm. 0,55 inch.Aplications:  Great for every style of music.

Price Kč125.00
in stock

Reference: 1HC 5B

Brand: R-stick

hickory 5B

Review(s): 0

Length: 406 mm, 16 inch.  Diameter: 15 mm, 0,59 inch.  Aplications: univerzal model, rock, metal, pop.

Price Kč200.00
in stock
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The R - stick company was established on the basis of the demand for quality drumsticks during the socialist era, when we were the only ones able to meet the requirements of drummers at the time for top drumsticks. Even then, we focused on the custom production of drumsticks with precise parameters exactly for drummers.

Our credo is to fully meet the customer's requirements and make drumsticks exactly according to his requirements and needs. And in a completely unique shot, including the possibility to configure even the smallest detail of the drumstick and the final adjustment, including the original customer print without any restrictions. We are so original in this that no other similar company in the world offers fully comparable possibilities.

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