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Krabat, Titanic, Kern

After years of various experiments, I returned to the proven brand with which my beginnings are connected… .. (S. Fric)

Stanislav Fric was one of the first customers of the R - stick company. To this day, I remember meeting at a concert in the mid-80s, when I offered him drumsticks - and he showed me what he was playing with - spruces from the back of a chair cut into the shape of a drumstick !! And he wanted to make his mallet accordingly. This created the Titanic model - extremely heavy and strong mallets with a length of 453 mm and a diameter of 18 mm designed for the ultimate and limitless butchers….

Stanislav Fric 1

The founder and drummer of the band Krabat, a long-time member of the original line-up of the legendary heavy metal band Titanic, with which he recorded many records. Among other things, the author of all the lyrics of this band, among which you will find hits such as "Figurine", "Metal Holiday", "Simulant", etc. Author of some lyrics by Kern and Jerem.I. The drummer of the band Žízeň, where the finalist Superstar Adam Kukačka appears next to him on one stage, and whom Slávek takes, as he says, as relaxation, relaxation and, above all, fun.

Stanislav Fric 2

He currently works in the drumming position of the band Kern, in the renewed band Krabat and continues to collaborate with Titanic. Slávek is the author of many lyrics and in this area also an external consultant, where he is constantly expanding his portfolio, as not only his parent band TITANIC is interested in his lyrics, but also other bands that move in the field of metal and rock scene.

Stanislav Fric drumsticks

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