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Keychains - mini-sticks

We offer these keychains for promotional purposes or as merchandise for bands. It is an ideal and very popular gift or item suitable for promotion. We offer them separately or threaded on the ring, either in two or one piece. The price of key rings is determined including customer printing, so we require a minimum order of 250 pieces or 125 pairs on the ring.


The print on the keychains is variable, two motifs can be printed on one stick, each on the reverse side, or if a set of two pieces on a ring is required, we can print a different motif on each mallet. It is also possible to choose the color of the print.

klíčenka na kroužku

We do not offer individual keychains - they can be obtained in the sales network free of charge for our sticks, or with an order for sticks. Very exceptionally, we do promotional events, where we also offer keychains individually - in which case we announce it on social networks. The offer is always limited.

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