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Drumsticks in our offer we have grouped according to their recommended use the following model series:

5A models


are the basic and most used 5A models currently.  They are offered in different versions or copies from various manufacturers.

5B models


are the basic and most used 5B models currently.  They are offered in different versions or copies from various manufacturers.

Basic models


contains the most common and most used sticks suitable for all styles of play. They are mainly models 5A, 5B , 2B , 3A, 7A, including their different size and shape modification. They respect the unwritten rule under which are drumsticks broadly consistent with models of most other companies.

Jazz models


are designed for jazz and swing play. Sticks in this series are lightweight with a smaller diameter and a smaller mass .

Rock models


are designed for rock , beat , metal , trash , and similar genres , which require a stronger and resistant drumstick. 

Classic models 


are reserved for other unspecified genres and there are various options proposed by the requirements of drummers and our knowledge to the company from the very beginning to the present. Some of them were designed for power play where the requirements placed on sticks that could withstand . 

Nylon models 


the drumsticks from the aforementioned series with a nylon tip. They are popular for their specific and clear ringing sound on cymbals and are suitable for drummers laying over wooden tip wear. The tips are made of polyamide nylon (similar to the material used by companies such as Dunlop picks ) and are glued with industrial cyanoacrylate glue.

Super grip models 


the sticks above from previous series with different anti-slip adjustments - grooves or rubber rings.

Vintage models 


are exact copies of vintage drumsticks manufactured by various companies since the beginning of the century until today. These models are usually only made in limited series as copy of popular old drumsticks (Buddy Rich , Slingerland , Ludwig , Gretsch , Rogers .... ) They only appear in the e -shop if they are currently available .

Children models


the drumsticks are designed for the children.  They are offered only in natural treatment without varnishing and without printing.

The material we use in production is divided into the following quality classes:

Premium A hornbeam and hickory class

Specially selected material corresponding to the highest quality criteria. We use it for all offered models of mallets

B class hickory

Sorted hickory suitable for this quality. It can have a non-standard color or partially uneven annual rings. We produce from it only to order and at the customer's request.

Sorted hickory

we make from it the Hickory Superstick economy hit series - the economy class of mallets

Unsorted hornbeam

We do not sort the material during production, we only discard obviously defective pieces. we make from it the Hornbeam Superstick ecenomy hit series - an economical series of hornbeam mallets

Sorted hornbeam

we produce advertising mallets with customer printing from it, intended for merch or distribution

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