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I am a professional musician and teacher. Also thanks to the R - stick company, I managed to create a unique All - Slovak competition show in playing percussion instruments, which is aimed at children at ZUŠ. I approached the R - stick company as a sponsor, because even during my student days, I ordered custom - made mallets from them. Today, this company is an important part of our competition, where every child leaves with R-sticks, regardless of location. P. Rector has a friendly and individual approach, focused on the needs of the player and in our case on children, for whom he sends a large number of quality mallets and even discount coupons every year. For my student, who has an innate deformation of his fingers, he even made mallets for free and to measure. He would not be able to grasp any classic mallets correctly. It is more than just a great help and gesture from the heart. It is the philosophy and thinking of man. Keep this in mind when buying mallets from this company.

Gejza Farkaš 1

Gejza Farkaš was born in Nové Zámky in 1977 and embarked on a musical journey following the example of his father-bicist, who worked under the Slovkoncert Banská Bystrica art association. In 1994, he began studying at a folk convent in Bratislava and, in addition to studying, worked in commercial formations operating in hotels in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. In 1995 he worked for the local FM Komárno radio, where he prepared the jazz show "Jazz Line" and founded the swing trio "Wolf Band" with which he took part in a show of new faces of jazz in Bratislava. He performed there with saxophonist Nikolaev Ruslan. In 1998 he was admitted to the Liszt Academy in Budapest, where he studied percussion, but a year later he met saxophonist Radovan Tarišk. From the collaboration a friendship emerged and at his initiative he began to study percussion at the State Conservatory in Žilina, which he graduated from in 2006.

Gejza Farkaš 2

During his studies he was a member of the Big-Band of the Conservatory in Žilina "Slovak Young Swing Generation" and the Symphony Orchestra of the Conservatory in Žilina. He also worked in the State Chamber Orchestra of Žilina. He won the competition for the position of percussionist in the International Student Symphony Orchestra in Kroměříž, with which he participated in courses for conductors and had the opportunity to collaborate with important conductors from around the world. He interrupted his studies for one year and went with the band "Midnight Spirits" to Japan, where they performed in a variety program.

Gejza Farkaš drumsticks

After graduating, he worked in the city symphony orchestra in Stuttgart and later was a member of various commercial projects. He is also engaged in pedagogical activities. He currently works as the head of the percussion department at the Nové Zámky Art School. In addition, he works for a music agency. He plays Sonor drums.

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