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Frequently asked questions - FAQ

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 Introduction (10)

  Why become an R-stick customer?

  What makes R-stick unique?

  Why should I play with R-stick?

  Do I have to order any minimum quantity?

  Do you still have any minimum quantity restrictions for some items?

  How do I know the minimum quantity limit?

  What is the difference between stock sticks and custom sticks?

  Do you have a drumstick catalog?

  Where can I get your drumsticks in the sales network?

  Can I try and buy drumsticks directly from you?

 Drumsticks (8)

  What styles do you offer sticks for?

  Do you offer marching sticks?

  Do you also offer rod sticks?

  I didn't find drumsticks for your style.

  Does the type and shape of the tip affect the sound and the overall play?

  Do you make drumsticks with an nylon tip?

  What types of tips do you currently offer?

  What is the difference between sticks with wooden and an nylon tip?

 Marking of drumsticks (4)

  What basic models do you offer?

  What do the letters and codes mean, such as 5A, 5B to indicate the stick?

  Are the same models 5A and 5B from different companies?

  Is there a dimensional standard according to the model designation?

 Material (5)

  What wood are R-stick drumsticks made of?

  What is the best wood for drumsticks?

  What are good hickory sticks for?

  What are the advantages of hornbeam drumsticks?

  What are the advantages of maple drumsticks?

 Model customization (6)

  Can I use my design for the drumsticks?

  Can I adjust the diameter or length of already made drumsticks?

  Can I choose a model and enter my own dimensions for it?

  Can I combine the properties of several models into one final model?

  Does the center of gravity of the drumstick change if I have it extended or stretched the lead?

  What is a drumstick configurator?

 Copies of drumsticks models (7)

  Can you replicate the drumsticks of other companies?

  I have been using one special model for years. Can you make it?

  I would like a copy of the stick, which has not been produced for years and I do not have a sample from it.

  Can you make a copy according to the picture?

  How do you do this?

  How accurately can you make a replica?

  What if I want to order a replicated model repeatedly?

 Signature models (4)

  What are signature models?

  What are the requirements for me to get such drumsticks?

  Do you have a minimum quantity set for your order?

  Can I buy a signature model from a famous drummer that I like?

 Gift drumsticks (8)

  I want to give my loved one a birthday stick. How do i have to proceed?

  What is the minimum quantity I need to order?

  What do you need for production?

  I don't know what my friend is playing with, can you tell us what would be suitable for him?

  Do you print your logo on these drumsticks?

  Do you print your logo on these mallets?

  What surface treatment do gift drumsticks have?

  What if my friend wants to order the drumsticks?

 B quality class (8)

  Do you offer B-class drumsticks?

  What is the difference between first-class drumsticks and B-class?

  Can I customize the specifications in the order of Class B drumsticks?

  Do you offer B-class drumsticks in a package for a better price?

  What about the availability of B-class drumsticks?

  What are decay drumsticks and how can they be used?

  Do you guarantee the same dimensions or parameters of decay sticks?

  Are decay sticks available on the e-shop?

 Print (24)

  I would like to have my print on the drumsticks. What will be needed for this?

  How do I order the print and model of the stick I want to print?

  Can I have a print without your logo?

  Do I have to have a printing plate made for printing?

  What is a printing plate and what do you need it for?

  What is included in the price of printing plate production?

  Do I have to pay for the plate every time I print?

  Do I have to supply you with a ready-made logo design?

  And what if I have my idea of the logo I insist on?

  Can I see the finished logo design before putting it on the board?

  How long will the platen last?

  What file format and size do you require for sending files?

  How do I deliver the logo I request?

  What if I don't have the band's logo, but it's on the site on the net?

  How do I send my signature to the logo?

  How do I deliver a text inscription?

  How much area on a stick can you print?

  When I have a finished plate, how do I let you know I have a print with you?

  In what colors can you print the logo?

  Are you printing in multicolor?

  Can you print a black stripe or logo around the perimeter of the stick?

  Is there something you can't print?

  Can I have my logo printed on decay sticks?

  Can you print on your Superstick line?

 Advertising drumsticks (5)

  What are the promotional drumsticks you offer?

  In what quality do you produce them?

  Can I print on advertising sticks without your logo?

  What models do you offer?

  Is there a restriction on these drumsticks?

 Surface finish (7)

  Do you do the surface treatment of drumsticks?

  What surface treatments do you offer?

  What is painting and how do you paint?

  What is a non-slip surface?

  What are grip, supergrip and supergrip max?

  Does painting significantly strengthen the drumstick and increase its durability?

  Do you paint the drumsticks?

 Durability of drumsticks (6)

  What effect does the moisture of the drumsticks affect their properties and durability?

  My drumsticks break too quickly and often. What is the problem?

  What is the absorption of vibrations when struck with a stick - what can I imagine under that?

  My drumsticks are quickly destroyed during rimshots, can it be prevented?

  My sticks are destroyed from the edges of the cymbals, can this be prevented?

  It often destroys me and breaks the tips of drumsticks, can it be prevented?

 Shipments - distribution (4)

  How do you send the sticks?

  What other carriers do you use?

  What if there is no carrier for my country?

  How can I save money on postage or cash on delivery?

 Shipping times (6)

  I placed the order but have not yet received it. When will I get it?

  What are your delivery times?

  How fast can you send stock drumsticks?

  I need my drumsticks before the concert this weekend! Can you speed up my order?

  How fast can you send custom drumsticks?

  Why do you make drumsticks in series, you can't make them after individual orders?

 Payments (10)

  Can I choose how to pay for the ordered drumsticks?

  How do you receive payments securely?

  Is it possible to pay by bank transfer?

  What is a voucher payment?

  Are you sending cash on delivery?

  What is payment through a payment gateway - how does it work?

  Do you accept payments via PayPal?

  Can I make a payment with my credit card?

  I don't trust online shopping. Why should I trust your e-shop?

  Do you send any proof of purchase, invoice, delivery note?

 Sales (4)

  Do you offer wholesale discounts?

  Is there a way to get a discount on R-stick drumsticks?

  Is it possible to get any other discounts on drumsticks?

  Do you provide discounts for frequent orders or quantities?

 Orders (5)

  How can I order R-stick drumsticks?

  What is the minimum order I can place with you?

  And the minimum number of pairs for printing, or a custom-made model?

  Do you sell samples?

  How can I repeat my last order?

 E - shop (14)

  What options do you currently offer?

  Can I compare goods on the e-shop?

  Can I shop on the e-shop without registration?

  Is it necessary to enter an email and mobile phone number when registering?

  What are the benefits of registering a user account?

  Do you have multiple user account types?

  I'm a trader - do you have a special account for me?

  What is a standing order?

  What are custom-made drumsticks?

  What are drumsticks in stock?

  How do I know if the required model is in stock?

  Can I order the required model if it is not in stock?

  How do I repeat an order in the e-shop?

  What if I want to repeat the order quickly and I can't find the previous one?

 Endorsement (8)

  What is a corporate R-stick drummer?

  Do corporate drummers get a discount?

  How can I become your corporate drummer?

  What will you offer me when I become your corporate drummer?

  What will you ask of me for that?

  I offer you the placement of banners or stickers at our concerts for sponsorship.

  Wouldn't you like to sponsor me?

  I sent you a question about sponsorship or support - but you didn't even bother to answer me!

 Merchandise (6)

  Do you offer your promotional items?

  Can I have the goods for free?

  Can I buy advertising drumsticks for the band as merch?

  And what about T-shirts, do you offer them too?

  Do you also offer hats or other items?

  Do you offer cases for drumsticks or cymbals?

 Other countries (4)

  Can I buy your drumsticks if I'm from another country?

  So can I order drumsticks via the e-shop without any problems?

  How do you send drumsticks abroad?

  How can I pay for thedrumsticks?

 Social media (9)

  Is the R-stick on social media?

  Do you promote your corporate drummers and your customers?

  Jak mohu odeslat své materiály pro vzájemnou propagaci?

  Can I embed these actions directly on your site?

  You created or shared my post, but the response was quite poor. Why?

  How much does it cost to advertise on R-stick social networks?

  Is it possible to place a banner ad on your business website?

  How do you decide which content to publish and which not?

  What other resources does the R-stick offer?

 GDPR (4)

  What is GDPR?

  How will these rules affect my registration?

  How do I know which of my data you are managing?

  Will you send me newsletters and information by e-mail?

 Guarantee (4)

  Do you provide a guarantee for your drumsticks?

  I got a supply of drumsticks, but I quickly destroyed them. Can you do something?

  Can I get test sticks?

  Can I cancel the order or return the drumsticks?

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