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Why to choose R - stick® ?

Because we can offer what most of other companies never offers in such spectrum, or what they dont even offer

We are making drumsticks for you since 1982

We have got much experience through that time, which allows us to react precisely on your requests and which we are applying to our crafting procedure through the time. We were first with many things and we become inpiration for many others on this field.

Big scale of offered models

We offer models for every style and use. It contains worldwide commonly used models, specific models for many play styles and models for special use. For example, with one of those models was broken record on drumometer. 

Customer custom models and scales of drumsticks

Each model in our offer can be made in your desired dimensions to which you are accustomed. You can combine model from other models or we can design new model from you. In our configurator you can make your own drumstick with wide scale of options.Any other company on this field can´t offer you this - That is making us unique. 

Careful and unique selection of wood

We have a very extensive knowledge of the properties and quality of the wood that we personally choose and process. We never buy Wood from intermediaries. Big foreign companies don´t have those experiences (not to mention those of domestic ....). With our knowledge dendrology, genetics, botany, silviculture and growth of trees we can unerringly choose the best possible material involved in the long life of drumsticks.

Perfect workmanship, fully subordinate to customer requirements

Thank to use of CNC machines and our unique technology, developed by ourselves, we can achive what others only dream of - and with precise which canno´t be attained on conventional machines.

Repeated production of any model, even after several years

Since the formation of company we save every order and request into our database. And since 1992 we archive all models and modifications ever made. Every model is simply data setwhich guide the way of CNC machine blades. If customer orders a model which he last ordered many years ago, we only have to load data into our system and we can make exactly same drumstick we made for this customer before. Every customer can have unlimited number of models in our database. 

Original customer print

Any customer who is interested can get their own original print. Drumsticks with your prints are a great marketing and advertising tool, serving to emphasize the identity of the drummer. And last but not least, they are very popular with the fans .... In this field, we are pioneers - we were first offered this with us.

Natural finish drumsticks

In the vast majority we offer sticks with natural surface, ideal for natural contact with hands. Varnish only on special request.

Good store availability 

In our e-shop you can order directly drumsticks in stock, which are shipped immediately. If you have any questions about sizing of model, you can place them the section sticks to order.

Design and development of new models

Continuously designed new models dynamically responding to current requirements of drummers. We test and design a lot of modifications, such as different slip-resistant variety of shapes adapting to ergonomics of hand, test and seek new materials able to completely fill the demanding requirements of our drummers on sound, dynamics and control sticks.

Support of top drummers and interesting projects

We support our drummers who, after many years of working with us become our corporate players, promoting drumsticks R - stick. We also support interesting drummer events and festivals.

We never lie about our drumsticks

We're not trying to impress you with parameters that can never be reached, offer you super materials of Premium Quality. We can not solidify surface drumsticks with special varnish or ennoble hornbeam on the quality of Hickory, we never feed you with crap about the quality of the material or amaze you with our worldliness and sizes. We dont auspice ourselves with non-existent or unregistered trademarks, use false advertising, and even super sounding different systems of quality assurance and quality control. The truth - We do not need and never had to got around to resort because for us our work speaks

R - stick Bořivoj Rektořík


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