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Stick cases:

You get them for every customer print, there is no need to order them separately. The cases are made with the customer's original graphics, most often with his photo and logo, which is on the mallet print, but it can be used whatever comes to mind.


If you have your print with us, we will produce these cases for you automatically, there is no need to order them specifically. There can be anything on the case and the resulting graphics can be changed at any time, a specific case can be made for each order. We also make cases for all mallets intended for the sales network. By default, our graphics with the store logo are on them, but any graphic design can be made on request.

Background for the proposal:

We need any of your photos with a resolution of at least 900 px, ideally from 1600 px. and more. The photo must be suitable for the cutout made. We usually look for it on your profile, or from other sources, or ask you to send it. If you would like something special on the case, you need to send it to us.

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