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With R - stick drumsticks we dont resolve whether they fit, if they are good, if curved, if we give the correct performance or whether we have good feel with them or not. We just take them and play.  That's all..... and so it should be....

Jumping Drums 1

The original drum show is called Jumping Drums. Instrumental of 120 drums and percussion from around the world (djembe, talking drum, drum set, bongo, conga, gong, taiko). The band which was founded by professional drummer lecturer and musical therapist Ivo Batoušek in 2000 in Bruntál.  Today it belongs especially because of the unique style of music with elements of "Zen drumming" and dramaturgy of individual concerts among the European elite.  Program Jumping Drums is a stunning example of the original compositions inspired by Japanese national ensemble KODO drummers but also Brazilian, African, rock and dance music.  The uniqueness of the band is indicated not only by the sheer number of performances at home and abroad but also work in the field of educational concerts for elementary and middle school and high demand of music therapy for physically and mentally disabled children.  Thanks to modern equipment tool set is capable of playing almost all areas without affecting the quality of products.  Jumping Drums can be seen not only in concert halls but also on prestigious fashion shows, social events and a highlights of the various programs, conferences, exhibitions, film, theater and music festivals.

Jumping Drums 2

On the music scene they has a credit of 20 years and have recorded six CD and DVD Live at Sidia. They play 150 to 200 concerts a year.  They have the largest range drums and percussion in the country.  They climb up the 120-percussion instruments from around the world (djembe, talking drum, drum set, bongos, congas, gong, taiko).  Front man Ivo Batoušek is the Paiste company player.  Together with him there are percussionists Jindřich Jakubal, Milan Dolák and Zuzana Nagyová.

"No matter if we play the full House or the exhibition at the presentation of the company. We always play our best. Our goal is not only to attract attention but also release the energy that will cause chills and will recharge the batteries in your body for a long time. And thanks to royalties for our performance we can the very next week help to those who need it like handicapped children for free. Thank you! Your Ivo. "

Jumping Drums 3



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