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Master, Kreyson, Urschullum, Shaark

I chose R - stick Drumsticks because I had many years of experience with them already. Before that I tried other brands and I can say that R - stick are simply the best and most durable, perfect craftsmanship, perfect wood work done by the heart  and love.  For me R - stick drumsticks are integral part of my sound.....

Zdenek Pradlovsky 1

Zdenek Pradlovský has undergone several metal bands.  He self-learned the play and later graduated music school.  In 2003 he comes to the American legendary band Master.  In 2007 he auditioned for the position of drummer in Kreyson that he won and became a member.  The renewed band Kreyson in which Zdenek Pradlovský played operates today in a different assembly than 18 years ago when it was created.

During the Kreyson period he plays a Death Metal legend, the American band MASTER.  It was founded 1983 in Chicago by singer and bassist Paul Speckman and MASTER is together with a group DEATH considered the first death metal band in the world!  The current form of the band consists besides Zdenek Pradlovský also Paul Speckman and Aleš Nejezchleba.

He doesn’t like bad weather, human stupidity and goes by saying “Every person is the agent of his own fortune“. He has no reserved music style and likes to listen good music - whatever he likes.

Zdenek Pradlovsky 2

Equipment: drums Sonor SQ2, cymbals Istanbul, hardware Gibraltar.




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