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Drummer Josef Pavka has been associated with the R - stick company from the very beginning and is one of their very first customers with serial number 8. During this time he replaced several models and currently uses a custom model DW 5B in a custom design.

Josef Pavka 1

Josef Pavka founded a group in 1982, which they named Argema, after an African tropical butterfly. It started on the waves of metal, over time the work became closer and closer to the mainstream. From the beginning, the band balanced on the border of the strict orders of the previous regime, they were forced to prove to the then officials what the name Argema even represents, because at that time they were English, event. foreign, band names forbidden. The first album, released in 1988, was banned by censors and the album cover was confiscated. It took several years for founding member Josef Pavka to find a new way for his ensemble.

Argema has been and still is unprecedentedly active in releasing albums. Since 1993, at least one new sound carrier has been published annually. The band gave more and more concerts, appeared in the media, won Gold and Platinum records for the sale of albums, and regularly placed in the top twenty of the Český slavík poll. The clips won the then popular ESO television chart.

Josef Pavka 2

The line-up of the band has changed several times and to date, the band has over three and a half thousand played concerts and about 25 albums. Drummer Josef Pavka is currently the only founding member.

Josef Pavka 3

Drums: custom DW Collectors Series Custom Graphics (tom 8x10 standard, tom 9x12 standard, floortom 14x14 VLT, floortom 16x16 VLT, 2x bassdrum 20x22 VLT).
Membranes: fitted with Evans G2, Emad enjoys on diggers and has sandblasted dw on snare
Hardware: DW, Pearl, snare CRAVIOTTO (14), In Ear - Ultimate headphones
Cymbals: Istanbul, Paiste - various series,
Sticks: R-stick drumsticks, custom model

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