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Be original with your own print on your drumsticks!

custom printing

Get original mallets that determine your personality and promote you or your band. It's very simple - we will make you your own original print on any model. We will print anything on the sticks - your band's logo, signature, picture, or any graphic element according to your requirements.

How big a print can be:

custom main

Basically the whole mallet can be printed. Basic motif - what you see in the picture can be 70 x 12 mm. We can print more motifs on a mallet, so the resulting print can be up to 140 mm long. It is also possible to print on the opposite side of the stick, or to omit our logo when printing. You can specify the location or orientation of the print.

Print color:

custom color

We print our logo in black and the basic color of the print is black. However, it is possible to print your motif in color:. red, blue, green, purple, or gold. We can also let you mix your own shade according to the Pantone swatch. We can print each motif in a different color - but we can't use two colors in one motif - our technology doesn't allow us to do that. The motif is a single part of your logo - as you can see in the picture.

Approval of the proposal:

custom proposal

During the design of your logo, we send you its variants for approval or for comments. According to them, we modify the logo until you are fully satisfied with the result. We send the design in a JPG file - if you print the image on a printer, you can see the real size of your logo on the mallet in a 1: 1 ratio. The design can be modified and changed without restriction until the exposure film is made.

What you get by ordering your logo?

Logo printing is already included in the price of the mallets. You only pay the lump sum required to make the printing plate. We print every time you place your order, without having to re-order it. The price includes the following:

  • the printing plate itself - clichés (polymer on a steel base into which the logo is made).
  • exposure film. Its quality has a decisive influence on the final result and they do it for us in a specialized DTP studio.
  • plate production: exposure on the exposure unit, washing of the plate, subsequent further exposure for curing, baking of the plate and its stabilization.
  • the design of your logo that we do. This is because we know how to optimally place all the elements of the logo on the mallet and how to adjust them so that they print well. If you have this design made at a specialized workplace, then you will pay much more for it than for our plate - and you are far from certain that it will be possible to print from this design without any problems. You always have the last word on the final look of the logo and we edit it until you are fully satisfied with the result. We don't do it with the style "You give us a logo, we print it" because then it often happens that the customer is disappointed with the result.
  • every time you order mallets, we automatically print your logo on them. If we happen to forget about printing, then you are entitled to a new delivery within the complaint free of charge.
  • if the plate is damaged (sometimes it happens) you won't even know about it, because we will make a new one ourselves.
  • we guarantee that if we change the printing technology, we will redesign all your logos free of charge.
  • we will never tell you that your order is uninteresting to us, that we will not print the mallets for you and that you have to choose from commonly available models, or that we will not print 1 pair for you.
  • we print your print on the center of the mallet so that it is clear. We do not prefer our logo, we print it so that it is hidden when you hold the mallet and only yours is visible. If you wish, we will not print our logo on mallets.
  • We produce special cases with your original graphics for your mallets.

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