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Nasty Ratz, Double Raw, Rimortis

I chose the R-stick drumstickss because they are very comfortable to hold and the big plus is that they will meet your needs. In short, literally custom-made mallets - in terms of length, width, shape, printing, etc ... Professional and pleasant communication with the company. I am clearly satisfied and I can highly recommend.

Kamil Růžička 1

What would I say about myself? It's just that I'm a drummer, and I really like it. If I could, I would play all the time and travel. My beginnings were in my 14 years when I taught my parents that I really wanted to play and it's not just a matter of time, my grandmother played a big part in that, she spoke a lot for me. With bands. Nasty Ratz and Double Raw have been playing glam metal all over Europe since I was 15 years old. Of course, in the meantime, I also played in the Czech Republic with various bands that I like to remember.

Kamil Růžička 2

I currently play in the band Rimortis, where I get some professionalism and a lot of acting. I can't forget the bandleader Vaška Mrzena, who introduced me to the secrets of power metal. Thanks to him, I'm a better drummer but everything can be even better that's clear! And it will be!

It's hard for me to say what I'm listening to, I find my own in every music and style, but at the moment it's the band Avantasia, Edguy and of course it's not the only day without Motorhead

Kamil Růžička drumsticks

In the band I play Mapex Meridian Birch drums - of course a two-wheeler and in the Pearl Export rehearsal room. And I now have drums from the HALLVAD company.


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