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Crouch, Forrest Jump, Poetika

During my time on the drum stool, I tried a lot of drumsticks from various brands, however, the R - stick drumsticks fit my hand best. So when there was the possibility of corporate gaming in the spring of 2019, I didn't hesitate. I had my own model made, which of course does not lack my original print. Thanks to that, the drumsticks are not only great to play, but also to present.

David Nevěčný 1

I was close to the drums from an early age, but I really started playing under the baton of Mr. teacher Karásk (ZUŠ Velké Meziříčí) at the age of about seven. One of my first bands was composed of friends of musicians from my area (MySami, Find Your Destiny). In 2015, Pavel Kubát recommended me to the hardcore band Crouch from Brno, which I joined at the age of fifteen and left with them for two years. Then I jumped into the hardcore-crossover party Forrest Jump, with which I toured big metal events in the Czech Republic, such as Metalfest, Masters Of Rock, Ostrava in flames and also a tour with the groups Traktor and Arakain. I handed over my drumming post in the band Forrest Jump in the autumn of 2019. At that time, the pop band Poetics was looking for a drummer and I couldn't miss this offer. With Poetics we go around the biggest festivals in the Czech Republic and I must say that I play great with them.

David Nevěčný 2

In addition to R - stick drumsticks, I play with a great set of TRX cymbals, for which I am also a corporate player. And as for the drums, I like to change them according to the sound and mood.

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