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"I chose the R-Stick drumsticks because I don't know a better feeling than when the mallet fits in my hand so that you don't even have to think about whether you're holding something. In short, it's really very convenient to have a stick made to measure for Another great thing is the durability of the mallets and also always professional and fast negotiations with the manufacturer "

David Vrba 1

David Vrba - drummer who comes from Czech Canada from Nová Bystřice. His first musical achievements date back to 2005, when he came to his first drums at the age of seven. They were, of course, Amati. At the age of 11, he co-founded his first band Born2Die4Me. However, this death-metal band did not last long, so at the age of 14 he started playing with his father in an entertainment band, where he played for about 6 years. In the meantime, he worked for 2 years in the band Metalmor and 4 years in the drum squadron Wild Sticks. In the autumn of 2017, thanks to the won competition for drummer for guitar magician Honza Kirk Běhunk, he got into the band SEVEN, where he still works today. He is preparing a new record with the band SEVEN, which should be released in the spring of 2021.

David Vrba 2

Equipment: drums - Sonor Aq2 stage set, Zildjan A cymbals, Pearl Demon double pedal, R-Stick drumsticks David Vrba signature
Favorite drummers: Neil Peart, Lars Ulrich, John Bonham, Bill Ward, Dany Carey, Brad Wilk, Christoph Schneider
Favorite bands: Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Tool, System of a Down, Audioslave and many more ...

David Vrba drumsticks

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