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Doomy Ballads, ROOT, Regon

Why R - stick drumsticks? Long-term Czech tradition, quality comparable to the best mallet manufacturers, maximum helpfulness and professional decent behavior!

Pavel Kubát 1

Drummer Pavel Kubát was born in Mladá Boleslav, but his musical beginnings are inextricably linked with the school years spent in the Třebíč region. He started playing the drums at the age of fourteen, although his talent was already recognized by a music teacher at a primary school during compulsory rhythmic exercises. At that time, his parents tried to "persuade" Pavel to play the accordion, but he pushed through. Drums and rock, which had fascinated him since early puberty, have won and taken the lead in his life.

The first band, The Crow, was formed with classmates from elementary school. The amateur effort resulted in the recording of a CD in the studio of rocker Miloš Dodo Doležal and in the performance of a number of successful concerts.

Then comes the era with the Brno group Regon. They perform all over the Czech Republic, recording a CD, which later resulted in a successful single called Rabbits, which was a success in the then Formula 1 chart of Czech Radio 1 Radiožurnál. In 2001, the band ended its active activities, thus closing one of the most important stages of the music career of the now experienced musician.

Pavel Kubát 2

Soon an attractive offer comes from the Třebíč funky rock band Pátek 13. At the same time, Pavel is studying drums privately with the Brno teacher Vítězslav Vavrda, a former member of the Gustav Brom Orchestra. Another "stunt" is performing in the Brno project D. A. R. Subsequently, as a drummer, he participates in the hardcore-progressive metal project Crab inc., In which the CD Moneyfest is recorded. This is followed by work in the metal hit Thief and the accompanying band of Jiří BigBoss Valter Dooma Ballads. Then comes the offer for the post of drummer of the legendary Brno black metal legend ROOT.

In 2017, he returned to the revived band Regon, which released the CD Dirty History. In addition, he is a former member of the black-death metal project Solfernus, the band Jerem.I, and also participated as a studio player in many other recordings.

Pavel Kubát drumsticks

Equipment: Tama, Mapex Black Widow, Anatoljan and Zildjiancymbals, Czarcie Kopyto, R-stick
What listens: Lamb of God, Slayer, Dream Theater, Pink Floyd, Death, Behemoth Pantera, Mnemic, Soilwork, Arakain, Root, Krucipusk, Meshuggah, Dimmu Borgir….
Favorite drummer: Mike Portnoy, Chris Adler, Gene Hoglan, John Petrucci, Thomas Lang, Dave Lombardo, Dariusz Daray Brzozowski, Buddy Rich, Lukáš Doksanský, Klaudius Kryšpín, Jiří Urban st.
Sticks: Own model - Stick from Hell, Hickory - size in mm: 15.2 / 410

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