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Guns n Roses tribute Slovakia, Babylon, the Buttons.

Why R-stick drumsticks? These mallets have basically accompanied me since my beginnings, although I have been playing with them for about 4 years. One of the first clubs I bought was an R-stick. I appreciate consistent quality and perfect workmanship on these sticks. Last but not least, great communication and approach. It's basically not a problem for Mr. Rector to do what the drummer remembers. In any case, this company can proudly compete with famous foreign manufacturers.

Milan Hlinka 1

I started playing drums when I was 14 years old. In the beginning, of course, it was garage and school bands. I worked in the bands Dolores, P. A. C. Quo Machine, Instant, Mobydick, I played for a while with the singer Layla. Then there were Maybe, prog fusion project Target group, I played with Juraj Kupec for a while. In the summer of 2019 I rode with the band Street69. I currently work in the bands Guns n Roses tribute Slovakia and in the renewed band Babylon. Sometimes I also give concerts with the legendary The Buttons.

Milan Hlinka 2

Drums: I play Mapex Orion drums. It's a limit from 2008, with a beautiful Chocolate Burl Maple finish.
Cymbals: Anatolian, Aquarian membranes and of course I play with R-stick drumsticks, specifically modified model 55A and currently I play with model X55B.

Milan Hlinka drumsticks

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