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What you need to do to get your own print:

You can order the production of a printing plate in the e-shop, by e-mail or on Facebook. Then send us everything you want printed on the stickt in what you have available. We can load or import almost anything, so you don't have to worry about that. But if so, as follows:

  • We make logos in Corel, so the primary format for us is .CDR - it is not a condition, but you will save us a lot of work.
  • in any bitmap formats - JPG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, PNG, WMF, DOC, PCX, ........ and many more. We prefer JPG format.
  • in any curves - Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator - AI, EPS, PSD, DWG, PDF .., we load or import almost everything.
  • If we encounter a problem, we will first search the web and then contact you.


source logo

Source and destination logosIt is best to have your logo in CDR format in curves, PDF or vectors. - eg AI, EPS, ... We will import these formats without any problems. (If you have no idea what this sentence was about, feel free to skip it).

Logo in bitmap format - JPG, BMP, TIFF - you can basically send it in anything. But the higher resolution of the image is good - ideally from 600 DPI upwards (up to 3000 DPI) if you only have it on paper, just take a picture of it on your mobile phone and send us a sharp photo.

If the logo is somewhere on your site or profile, then we just need a link, or we will try to find it on the net ourselves.



signatures You can get a signature by signing with a stronger pencil or marker, taking a picture with your mobile phone and sending us a photo. Without any adjustments as you download the image from your mobile phone. You can also sign more than once - we will choose the best variant. If there is something else on the paper, you don't have to take this into account - we will remove it during the correction. The only important thing is that the signature contrasts with the background - if the photo has a gray background and a gray signature, it is very difficult for us to process and we have to ask you for a new one.

Inscriptions and texts

Inscriptions and texts in the logo: Ideal if we know the name of the font that is used in the inscription. You will make our work easier if you export it from your computer and send it to us as an attachment. But all you have to do is write the same text in word, in Open Office, or a similar text editor, or export the text to PDF. The font name is already in all these documents. If we know the font name, we will find it and export it. Lots of free fonts can also be obtained on various websites - for example on

Gavel logo layout:

If you have an idea or idea of ​​how it could be folded on a mallet, all you have to do is roughly sketch it for us, or simply fold it. We will adjust it to the final form.

What do we do with your documents?

We will process your documents, separate individual logos or materials, convert them into curves and adjust their size. Subsequently, we will assemble the resulting logo from them. Depending on the situation and the assignment, we will make one or more variants. We will send them to you for review and, based on your comments, we will modify the proposal or change it until you are completely satisfied with it. Then a final design is made, which then goes to the exposure and to the production of the plate.

What can't be printed?

  • Strip or motif around the entire circumference of the mallet
  • Color image
  • two or more colors in one motif (see demo fig.) - even if we judge this according to a specific situation.

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