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Eggnoise, Personal Highway, Dekolt, Bitumen Beat, Michal Worek Q, Maraca, Prague Connection and Golden Prague Big Band.

Why R-stick mallets? Because I am happy to support a Czech company for which, moreover, there is absolutely no problem to have the mallets made exactly according to my design and which will meet my relatively atypical requirements and hands.

Michael Nosek 1

Michael Nosek is one of the most talented drummers of the upcoming generation. His very tasteful and colorful playing ranks him among the multi-genre drummers, of whom we are really fine. He is currently one of the most sought-after concert players.

He comes from a musical family and has had music around him since he was a child. He is currently studying at the Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory and has completed a bachelor's degree in jazz interpretation at the JAMU in Brno. His teachers include Patrik Benek, Jan Linhart, Lukáš Doksanský, Kamil Slezák, Roman Vícha and Dano Šoltis. Thanks to them, he is a regular performer of the Prague club scene.

He is a permanent member in the bands eggnoise, Personal Highway, Dekolt, Bitumen Beat, Michal Worek Q, Maraca, Prague Connection and Golden Prague Big Band. As a guest he is often seen with Los Quemados, Jakub Doležal Q and others. He suddenly collaborated with more than 70 bands and orchestras with a stylistic range from classical through jazz, Latin, ethno, rock to important personalities of the Czech popular scene. He also toured with Lenka Dusilová with eggnoise, and for the fourth year in a row he has been accompanied with Los Quemados by the Brazilian performer of contemporary modern samba Adriano Trindade on his annual Central European tour.

Michael Nosek 2

In addition to drums, he plays guitar and composes music for his own conceptual project Personal Highway, with which he releases his debut CD this year.

Eggnoise, in which Michael Nosek holds the position of drummer, is the author's project of the composer duo Ondra Kopička and Ondřej Galuška and a music group operating on the Czech scene for twenty years. For their album ALBUMEN, eggnoise received three nominations at the world's largest independent music awards, the Just Plain Folks 2009 Music Awards.

Michael is also a lecturer at the ISMFA International Music School and a teacher at the Art School of the City of Prague. In addition, he also enjoys providing private lessons to students without age restrictions.

Michael Nosek drumsticks

Equipment: Yamaha, Mapex, Gretsch, Pearl, Istanbul Agop, Remo, Evans, Roland, D-Drum, Mackie and of course the signed model of R-STICK drumsticks


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