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I chose R-stick mallets because they have incredible endurance for me, despite the fact that I use hornbeam wood. Their unpainted surface is as if there is glue on them when playing, which I really appreciate. I use Hornbeam 5AB.

Martin Janíček 1

I started playing drums in 2012. I have been a drummer in the band REVOCK, which I founded, for 5 years. REVOCK is a punk-rock band from Žďár nad Sázavou. Its existence dates back to 2015. In 2018, the band released their debut CD entitled "Black Night". Over the course of five years, we have managed to play at countless events, such as Pelíšek fest, Vysočina fest, Broumov guitars and record several clips. The founding members of this band are Martin Janíček as drummer and Michal Pešl as lead singer and bass. She officially released and christened the EP Divokej západ on which you will find 6 songs.

Martin Janíček 2

In addition to the R-Stick drumsticks, I use Paiste cymbals of the Pst 5 series and china of the Pst 7 series. Basix drums and the main drum from the Brachtl Drums brand, from which I will buy the whole set in the near future. I use black hardware from the Mapex brand. Membranes from Evans.

My favorite groups from which I am inspired include Blink-182, Good Charlotte from the Czech Republic, such as Rybičky 48, Civil Defense or Imodium.

Martin Janíček drumsticks

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