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After years of searching and testing different models of sticks of different brands I came to R-stick which due to perfect variability and willingness to experiment was exactly what I was searching for all the time.  And after drummer discovers that the drumsticks fits perfectly in your hand (and because no varnishes and modifications are perfectly combined with the hands) he finds out that actually it's not just about getting a stick in the hand but also how it sounds "and resonates.  Drumsticks are in fact the most important lightning rod "that combines percussion instrument with the player himself and a drummer won’t realize that until he finds the right one to hand as I do in the R-stick!

Michal Milták 1

Michal Milták was born into musical family and so since he was 3 years old he tried to play on everything, he found at home. Then plastic buckets was replaced by real drums and occasionally also violin. On his musical education he cooperated with Kromeříž Conservatory graduate P.Kalivodou and after that with Brno Conservatory professor and member of the famous drummer grouping Dama Dama D. Bártkem.

Michal Milták 2

The first band was called Samixobě and was pure punk but in that time Michal strongly began to gravitate toward metal and began a whirlwind of testing all sorts of known and unknown projects and bands lots of valuable understudy and introductions, in November 2006 he won an audition to band Endless. Endless gained 2 Angel awards of the Czech Academy of Popular Music in category Hard'n'heavy and opened for names like Anathema, The Gathering, Opeth, Cradle of Filth. He currently plays in the band Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy.

Michal Milták drumsticks

Equipment: DW Collector's Series (Law oyster) Snare Pearl - Omar Hakim Yamaha DTXtreme (el.drums) DW9002 double pedal Zildjian Sabian Gibraltar / Pearl - hardware M-Audio IE-monitoring.

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