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Aku-Aku, since 1986 Kabát

Radek Hurčík has been associated with the R - stick company since 1986, when he had his first drumsticks made here. From then until today, he takes a single model, and during his long career as a drummer, he has consumed over 1,800 pairs.

radek hurčík 1

Radek "Hurvajs" Hurčík is a Czech rock drummer, a member of the Kabát group, in which he has been playing drums since 1986. He was originally a trained locksmith with a high school diploma. In the group Kabát he is the author of the song "Zase jsem na mol", which he sang and composed himself.

The Kabát Group was founded in Teplice in 1983. The founding members were M. Špalek and T. Krulich. Later, R. Hurčík and Josef Vojtek joined the group. O. Váňa was the last to complete this set. The band has been working in this line-up since 1990. The popularity of Kabát (perhaps among all generations) is mainly due to the melodic nature of the songs, the mature playing skills and lyrics that are definitely not foreign to the Czech listener. Quite the contrary.

radek Hurčík 2


Radek Hurčík has always preferred the Sonor brand.
Set: SONOR DELITE 22 "kick, 14" snare, 12 ", 13", 14 ", 16" tom
Cymbals PAISTE 2002 16 ", 18", 20 "crash, 22" ride, 20 "china,
Drumsticks R - stick custom model PM 430/16

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