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Natural surface - basic treatment

This stick surface is the default for all our models. The stick is only smoothly sanded without painting. The surface of the drumstick thus easily adapts to your skin on the fingers, the stick holds very well and is perfectly controllable. Standard and default design for all models.

Natural surface - polishing the drumstick


Based on the principle of fine machine grinding and polishing of the mallet, the surface is very smoothly treated to a high gloss without the use of any varnish, only on a natural basis. Must be ordered - in a note in the order.

Varnishing of drumsticks

When painting sticks, we make 1 - 3 layers of paint. After each layer, we perform sanding to remove the unevenness created after the application of varnish, when the wood fibers come out. The number of layers depends on your requirement, one layer is used for the basic treatment, the other layers for greater smoothing of the mallet and greater comfort when gripping. Varnishing and the number of individual layers need to be set for each model.

Non-slip surface

It works on the principle of a specially machine-applied anti-slip layer with technology developed by us, guaranteeing its constant strength. The whole anti-slip effect depends on its precise application and regularity. During application, we can influence the overall behavior of the anti-slip layer in a wide range - from almost imperceptible effects to a situation where the drummer's drumsticks literally "stick" to his hand.

The non-slip surface can be applied to all previous surface treatments of the mallet. It is set in the order for each model.

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