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OTK, TGM Stereo, MIG 21

Why R-stick mallets? - because it's a clear choice. With its parameters, workmanship and especially the possibility to have any model in any modification, it is one of the world's top ...

Hladík Jan 1

Jan Hladík begins his drumming career in OTK, and in a jazz trio with Dan Fidler and Pavel Husička. He records a number of film soundtracks - for example for the film A Trip by director Alice Nellis. He then transferred to the TGM Stereo band, which operated for about six years. And on the foundations of the band TGM Stereo, or rather from its ruins, a new group called Mig 21 later began to form.

Mig 21 is a Czech music group founded in 1998. The aviation special, led by the solitary cake eater and instrumental champion Jiří Macháček, is a follower of the special retropop style.

Hladík Jan 2

It consists of the first pilot Jiří Macháček, the second pilot Honza Hladík, navigator Tomáš Polák, meteorologist Pavel Hrdlička and steward Tomáš Kurfirst. They debuted in 2001 with the album Easy to Live. Subsequently, in 2002 they released the album We Made It Clear. From him, the singles I Dance, I'll Go Alone Alone or Malotraktor will prevail. The critically acclaimed third album Pop Pop Pop (2004) confirmed the band's musical reputation and successfully continued the tradition of the Mig recession. The most successful pieces included the retro-parody Here Comes The Gun, the hockey lament of Jaromíra or a text gem in the form of Vinnetou's Ho-Ka-He. In October 2006, the MiGs recapitulated their career as a compilation bestof. In 2014, they released their album called ALBUM, with which they set out on a string of ALBUM TOUR concerts. They are currently continuing their successful concert activities

Mig 21

So keep your fingers crossed for us, and come dance. Kiss everyone!

MIG 21


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