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Oboroh, AC/DC Czech Revival, Archon, Natahu, Hydra, Ztráta důvěry.

I first encountered R - sticks on the pages of one of the first issues of Muzikus magazine, and at the same time one of my colleagues lent me two pairs. From the beginning, I appreciated the natural unpainted surface and even though I liked to try something else, I always came back anyway. Later I appreciated the quality service and great approach and especially the patience in finding my own model. Somehow I found out that I don't even deal with mallets right now, because I take, play and I don't even know about them, which is ideal. Reliability and a great feeling from the game. Sometimes you like to look for something new and there is always something to discover in the drums. I'm still looking elsewhere, but it's clear in the Gretsch, Sabian and R-stick brands.

Libor Ježek 1

Born in 1972, I've been beating up on everything around since I was a child, and during the performances of various music ensembles, my favorite place was definitely at the back of the drummer. I soon joined LŠU, where I completed one hour of drum lessons, and because no one currently taught drums there at the time, "so far" I studied accordion and clarinet. In the end, it was a few years and, paradoxically, I'm still self-taught on the drums.

After a childhood spent in wind orchestras, the first band finally came and the drums got the green light.

In 1992, the punk band Loss of Trust. 1993-1999 Hydra Group - Entertainment, clubs and support. 2000-2003 short participation in the group Archon (cd Cesta) and in the group Natahu. Since 2002 in the Oboroh group, this is my second family and since 2011 also in AC / DC Czech Revival, which is a matter of the heart for everyone involved.

Hobbies: everything to do with drums, since 2006 an absolute uncontrollable obsession with Gretsch drums, an 8-kilo (after diet) British cat Honza.

Libor Ježek 2


Gretsch USA Custom Millennium Maple Gloss + Sabian Cymbals
Sonor Phil Rudd Signature + Paiste Cymbals 2002
Hardware Gibraltar (custom stealth rack), Tama Iron Cobra Rolling Glide
Drumsticks: R - stick own model hickory, somewhere between 5B and 2B.

Libor Ježek drumsticks

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