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R-stick drumsticks? - Simply - a good choice.

Roman Kobiela 1

The active performer, lecturer and author brings a wide range of information, experience and contacts from stages and studies of various genres in the published publications Drum Playing Technique I.-IV., currently in preparation V. part. These are the titles: Modern Fusion Drumming 2000, World of Drumset Rudiments, Universe of Drumset Techniques, Advanced Rhythmic Studies & Double Bass Drumming. After graduating from the conservatory, studying with prof. Mil. Veselý, at the American Institute of Music Vienna and in consultation with leading players, he completed an overseas engagement in the Gunter Kočí All Star Band formation.

He collaborates with Lada Kerndl, Helena Blehárová; with dance orchestras Combo Orchestra Gustav Brom & Tibor Lenský, Night and Day Band Brno, Tribute to Louis Armstrong & Frank Sinatra and Brno swing legends: Milan Kašuba, Mojmír Bártek, Vincenc Kummer, Miroslav Hanák, Jiří Suchý, Jiří Duchoň and others.

Roman Kobiela 2

Visiting with soloists: Vera Love (USA), Felix Slováček, Jitka Zelenková, Peter Lipa, Jana Koubková, Jan Smigmator, Radka Fišarová, Michaela Nosková; formerly with the ensembles Die Emsperlen (D) China - Shanghai 2009, Joyce Hurley (USA) & Joe After Trio, Moravanka Jan Slabák, BigBand MR Swing Brno and others; previously worked in the ensembles Roman Pokorný Trio, Jan Beránek & Jazz Ornis, Lázaro Cruz (Cuba) & KM Jazz Quartet, Jazzysland Trio & Vera Binge (D) and gave. He has participated in a number of radio and television recordings, CDs, DVDs and musical productions.

Roman Kobiela 3

He currently works as a lecturer at the Yamaha Brno Music School, and ZUŠ Vranovská Brno; provides musical accompaniment to domestic and foreign performers. Included in the encyclopedia

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