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Frequently asked questions - FAQ

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Questions in Print

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  I would like to have my print on the drumsticks. What will be needed for this?

  How do I order the print and model of the stick I want to print?

  Can I have a print without your logo?

  Do I have to have a printing plate made for printing?

  What is a printing plate and what do you need it for?

  What is included in the price of printing plate production?

  Do I have to pay for the plate every time I print?

  Do I have to supply you with a ready-made logo design?

  And what if I have my idea of the logo I insist on?

  Can I see the finished logo design before putting it on the board?

  How long will the platen last?

  What file format and size do you require for sending files?

  How do I deliver the logo I request?

  What if I don't have the band's logo, but it's on the site on the net?

  How do I send my signature to the logo?

  How do I deliver a text inscription?

  How much area on a stick can you print?

  When I have a finished plate, how do I let you know I have a print with you?

  In what colors can you print the logo?

  Are you printing in multicolor?

  Can you print a black stripe or logo around the perimeter of the stick?

  Is there something you can't print?

  Can I have my logo printed on decay sticks?

  Can you print on your Superstick line?

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